Uber Creepy: Ride-Sharing App to Track You 5 Minutes After Ride

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - A recent update by Uber has people demanding the ride-sharing app tap its brakes.

Uber will now collect users` location data from the time they request the trip until five minutes after the trip is completed. It understandably has some people just a little creeped out.

Users can choose to opt out of the tracking feature but will then be unable to use any of the app`s location features, meaning you`d have to manually type in your pick-up location. Uber explains that it`s an effort to improve pickups, drop-offs and customer service and to enhance safety.

But if you don`t feel comfortable having the app track you after your ride is done then once you`re finished using it just close it down to prevent the app from running in the background.

Just know that if you don`t do that then for at least five minutes Uber is watching your every move.

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