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Terminally Ill? AA Flight Attendants Claim New Uniforms Are Making Them Sick

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FORT WORTH -- Like most jobs, landing a flight attendant gig comes with good and bad. But in this case, hundreds of American Airlines attendants are complaining about something other than the passengers. They're saying their new outfits just don't fly.

Turns out, the wool on their Twin Hill uniforms is reportedly causing headaches, burning skin, rashes and eye irritation.


This may sound a bit overboard, but experts claim this kind of outbreak can happen.

"You can have contact dermatitis where the actual material affects the individual such as wool causes itching and contact dermatitis," allergy specialist, Dr. Al Johnson explained.

AA claims they've run two tests on the uniforms and haven't found anything unusual. They're expected to run another test this week.

Hopefully, this third test can figure out if it's turbulence in those threads or just something in the air!

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