Legends Of Tomorrow S02 E06: The Wild West, Time Pirates And Gt Ready For The Invasion Crossover!

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Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

Let’s cowboy up!

As our Legends head to the Wild, Wild West to meet up with one of my favs, Jonah Hex!

Our Legends follow another warning from the Time-seismograph about an altered history where Quentin Turnbull (a comics nemesis to Jonah Hex) has eventual control of the California and the western portion of the US.

Mid-episode our legends discover Turnbull’s mining dwarf star material… the same material used to power atom’s suit.

This material gives him new explosive power as shown in the gun battle scenes with these explosive bullets that even Steel isn’t impervious too. 

Our altered history comes down, Heatwave and Vixen destroying the mine containing the dwarf star and a fantastic super-powered moment where Steel stop the destruction of a rail line by literally stopping a train. So cool!

Also in a side plot, Dr Stein has new memories of woman in his past possibly replacing his wife Clarissa. Did Dr Stein’s interaction with his younger self in 1987 alter the timeline? Or is there something more to this?

But one of the biggest mysteries for me this episode isn’t Turnbull or the relationships of our Legends, it’s a time pirate.

This is the second instance where history has been alter by an unknown from the future and I’m not talking about Damien Darhk or Reverse Flash.

Our Legends are calling them time pirates but we know nothing about this threat. How will this play out over the season?

Before we delve further into these mysteries, our next episode is a full on Alien Attack as the Dominators attempt to invade Earth.

Get ready Legionaries it’s the team-up of the century with Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow!

Our four show cross-over concludes in our next Legends of Tomorrow… Invasion!