Invasion Recap! Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends Teamed Up For a 4-Show Crossover!

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Hello fans! Invasion is here! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

After Barry Allen encounters an alien ship that has crashed down in Central City, Lyla Diggle of ARGUS explains to Flash and crew that these aliens are the Dominators, who last visited Earth in the 1950s.

So what do you do when you encounter Aliens?

Team-Up! Flash seeks out Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Speedy plus our Legends of Tomorrow and for even more might Barry and Cisco jump universes to enlist the help of the maid of might - Supergirl!

And Oliver’s like Kara who? Kara Danvers! Ms. Supergirl if you’re nasty!

In their first encounter with the Dominators, a mind bomb is release placing most of our Team of heroes under their control. With only Arrow and Flash left, they go head to head with our mind-controlled heroes in a fantastic battle.

What’s the coolest part? Seeing Flash throw lightning to take out Atom and Firestorm and this final battle scene between Arrow and White Canary right before Flash tricks Supergirl into destroying the mind bomb.

But there’s no rest for our heroes as the Dominators star trek teleport all the non-meta-humans away and trap them in matrix-like mind pods!

Since this crossover was also Arrow’s 100th episode (congrats Arrow!), we spend most of the Arrow episode in a dream like sequence allowing special appearances like bride to be Laurel Lance, Mom and Dad Queen, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn.

Once our heroes beat the dreamscape, they steal a Dominator ship only to be followed by an entire fleet of Dominator fighters but it’s the Waverider to the rescue!

So how does our team decide to defeat the Dominator threat?

Why use the time travel capabilities of the Waverider to go back to the 1950s and capture their own Dominator!

In the attempt to capture a Dominator, they end up saving one of them from ruthless US Agents, intent on torturing him.

This connection provides two important points.

First, our captured Dominator tells our heroes that their appearance is all based on Earth’s evolution and the universal threat of meta-humans. Second, it also gives Cisco a way to contact the Dominators in present day.

Back in the present we discover that the Dominators have reappeared because of da-dah-dah Flashpoint!

Flash and Earth’s meta-humans threaten reality itself and the Dominators are there to stop them.

The Dominators demand Flash be turned over or they’ll drop a meta-human bomb killing all meta-humans and a percentage of the regular population.

In our final confrontation, Firestorm with the help of Canary and the Waverider is able transmute (so cool, love that super-power of Firestorm) the meta-human bomb into harmless water.

And Dr. Stein, with the aid of his new timeline daughter, develop a device harmful to the Dominators. With the help of the entire team, these devices send the Dominators fleeing back into space. Victory!

So what are some important points to remember

First, Cisco gives Supergirl an “interdimensional extrapolator” which gives Kara the ability to visit the Arrow/Flash universe any time… like maybe in the upcoming Supergirl/Flash crossover musical episode – maybe?

Second, Amaya Vixen speculates that maybe the Dominators appeared in the 1950s because of the first meta-humans the Justice Society of America. Are the Dominators behind the disappearance of the JSA back in the 1950s?

Third, Dr. Nate Steel’s new costume! It’s the first appearance of Steel in his new costume, fans! Sure to be a collector’s item episode! Buy extra copies.

And finally Hello Hall of Justice!

Every time they showed the exterior of this old STAR labs facility, the little kid in me squealed! It’s the Hall of Justice, home to the Justice League from the classic cartoon the Super-Friends and Challenge of the Super-friends!

And if that’s not enough, from the same cartoon our heroes fought the Legion of Doom! And the best part is the producers have promised us a Legion of Doom this season!

Will we get a Hall of Doom too? Will we get more cross-over goodness between the shows?

Our Invasion brought some of the highest ratings for all four CW show and we’re only midway through the season!

Hang on fans! So much more in-store for our CW Super-series ahead Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Supergirl and Flash – oh yeah!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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