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How the Rain Stole Christmas!

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NORTH TEXAS — All the folks in North Texas loved Christmas a lot,
But the rain clouds up in the sky did not.

With parades and Christmas events scheduled all over town
The dark clouds moved in and rain came down.

The parades were all cancelled, the streets were all bare,
As a chilly December downpour cut through the air.

But in Carrollton they found a place to hide.
When the rain came a falling they moved the party inside.

“In Texas we don’t let any rain get us down so we improvised,” said Nicole DiTommaso, Carrolton’s Special Events Coordinator. “We have C Squared Cafe and Christ Church Carrolton who kindly let us use their space for free. We have our JROTC volunteers over here who are escorting people back and forth with their umbrellas so we just really try to make it work despite the weather.”

Even Santa’s special transport found their way here,
And rain isn’t such a bother when it ends in deer.

“This is Blitzen right behind me,” DiTommaso pointed. “Blitzen is kindly taking pictures with all of our community members here today.”

So even though plans were derailed by this weather
Christmas memories can be made anytime people get together

Staying warm and cozy on a Saturday, as if they needed a reason,
Texans today showed that you can't dampen the season.

So that's how the rain stole Christmas... or at least cancelled some parades.
Hopefully we can reschedule in the next 21 days!

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