Forgetful? Science Says Sex Can Help…For Women

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Forget apps like luminosity, a new study says that if you want to boost your memory, you need to get frisky.

Well, if you’re a woman, anyway.

Scientists at McGill University have found a link between sex and memory in women.

As The Independent reports, women who have more frequent sex can better recall abstract words.

The research centered aroundĀ penile-vaginal intercourse (How’s that for a mood killer!?) AKA….sex…. and how it can affect a woman’s brain and the growth of nervous tissue in theĀ hippocampus.

The study followed 78 heterosexual women and tested their ability to remember faces and recall abstract words.

While more frequent sex did help with remembering abstract faces, it didn’t provide a boost in facial recognition.

So there you go, because you probably needed another reason to have sex.