TravelFix: The World’s Craziest McDonald’s Menus

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With exotic locations comes exotic cuisine, but sometimes, it's good to get a taste of home while traveling abroad.

In steps the Golden Arches. In this edition of Travel Fix, Drew Binksy takes on a tour around the world’s most interesting McDonald’s.

"I've eaten McDonald's in 52 countries as of right now,” Drew said.

"Every time I eat at McDonald's, it's a cultural experience because you get to see the people that are in there. What's most awesome about it is there's different menu items catering to the local food In Israel, there's a McFalafel. In Mediterranean cuisine, they love eating Falafel sandwiches, those little chickpeas and the pita bread."

But Drew warns that some of the options don't sound or smell nearly as appetizing.

"In Singapore, for example, they serve a Durian McFlurry. So, Durian is this fruit that most people haven't heard of because it's only in Southeast Asia, but it smells really bad. It's really spiny on the outside, and you're not even supposed to touch it with your fingers because your fingers are going to reek forever."

Other parts of the world have their own twists on Mickey D's menu.

"In the Philippines, they love eating spaghetti, for whatever reason, so they have a McSpaghetti Meal. Literally, it's called McSpaghetti. A lot of the times, they'll have rice on the side, which you cannot find rice at a McDonald's in the U.S.  But all over Asia, you can find rice."

"In Korea, they have a bulgogi meat burger. Bulgogi is just a kind of thinly cut beef. That's actually probably my favorite item. In Thailand, they have this thing called the pork samurai burger. Just all these interesting cuts of pork on a bun."


But in the end, Drew gives the nod to the country where it all began.

"If I had to pick my favorite, like the best taste of a McDonald's, it's going to be in the U.S. because that's where it came from. You can't get Mexican food better than when you're in Mexico so it's kind of like that."

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Happy traveling!

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