Simon Says: My Pharmacy Messed Up! Check Your Bottles!

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DALLAS -- My wife went to the pharmacy recently with a prescription for one of my kids.  When she opened it at home, she noticed the pill didn’t look quite right.

So, she took it back and the person behind the counter realized a big mistake. Yeah, someone (who we learned didn’t work there anymore) put fertility pills in the bottle.

We got the right medicine and an apology.

But all of this got me thinking: screw-ups at the pharmacy are nothing new. Take your pick from the lawsuits.  These kind of stories are scary.

Isn’t it amazing how many times we blindly trust someone? We put our faith in others we barely know.

Yeah, there’s the pharmacist, but what about the person in the kitchen, the mechanic, the Uber driver? And think about how many times you let a stranger in your house to fix something.

There’s science behind this. A recent study claims we trust strangers even when it doesn’t make sense.

We’re all capable of “blind faith," hoping things don’t go bad. Maybe that’s why Trump won. He’s got the prescription for what ails this country. Let’s  hope he doesn’t  screw it up.

While we wait and deal “blind faith” each day,  please act on your gut instincts, like my family did.  It will stop that uneasy feeling, and at the very least , life won’t be a tough pill to swallow.