Goat Dresses As a Duck to Cure Anxiety

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ANNANSDALE, New Jersey  - Meet Polly the Kid, a rescue goat living on an animal sanctuary farm in New Jersey.  Polly suffers from a severe case of anxiety.

Yes, animals can get stressed out, too, ya know!

Poor Polly’s owner, Leanne Lauricella, tried everything, even daily affirmations.  Nothing seemed to help. Just as a joke, she put Polly the Kid in a little kid's duck costume.  Almost immediately, Polly went from anxious and stressed to total zen and chill. That’s right! Call it, cross-dressing for a cure!

Pics of Polly in her new state of mind, and duck suit, went viral. Lauricella hears from people all the time battling similar issues.

"Every day I get messages from people saying I'm battling depression' or I'm battling cancer or just lost a loved one, and I look at your feed everyday and just seeing these little goats and if they can do it, I can do it."

Moral of the story?  Mental health issues are nothing to quack up about.  Just try not to let anxiety get your goat!