Exxxotica Fighting Hard to Make Big D Comeback

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DALLAS -- If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Just ask Exxxotica. The adult expo brought its sex-themed shenanigans to Dallas back in 2015, but the City Council managed to keep the show out in 2016, after a controversial and expensive legal back-and-forth.

Exxxotica's still not taking the ban lying down and wants to come back next year.  So this week, their lawyers filed a "Memorandum in Support of Renewed Motion for a Preliminary Injunction."

We don't know what all those words mean in that order, so we asked Dallas appeals attorney Chad Ruback to break it down for us.

"This is lawyer-ese for a motion to reconsider the last decision," Ruback explained.

Back in April, a federal judge ruled that since Exxxotica couldn't prove that the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center was a public event space, the city could keep them out -- at least while Exxxotica's lawsuit against the city for banning it plays out.

But now, Ruback says, "Exxxotica has now come back to the federal judge with new arguments as to why the convention center does constitute a public forum."

If it is a public space, the exhibition folks say they have a first-amendment right to get all up in there.

And Exxxotica's Executive Director, J. Handy, says he'll fight hard for free speech.

"We recognize in the end, we have a duty to really be able to fight this thing," Handy told NewsFix. "Ya know, in today's day and age, man, the First Amendment is just a very important thing."

There's been no comment from City Hall just yet.

And it'll be a while before we know which side the law takes.  Exxxotica could be tied up in a legal battle with the Big D for quite a while.

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