Dallas Student Gets Big Surprise From ‘Hero’ Wolf Blitzer

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DALLAS — For most eighth grade boys, if you asked who their hero was, you might get answers like Spiderman, John Cena or Ezekiel Elliott. But you might not expect this one...

“Wolf Blitzer is my hero,” Aiden Ross said. “I was thinking about it, and it took me awhile to think who was my hero, and then I realized he’s probably the biggest hero I have.”

Yep, CNN's very own Wolf Blitzer.

Aiden Ross, an eighth grader at Dealey Academy in Dallas, was tasked with writing an essay on his personal hero as a part of the Hero Two Doors Down Essay Contest, sponsored by the Barbara Bush Foundation.

“I wrote about Wolf Blitzer because I watch ‘The Situation Room’ a ton,” he said. “This is a person I always see a lot of, and I know he’s done a lot in his life and I thought, he is someone I admire.”

And his essay won!

“I’m so proud of him, and I’m glad that he had this opportunity,” Aiden’s Language Arts teacher, Aaronda Smith, said. “He’s an extraordinary kid.”

“I’m just super proud, super happy and excited for Aiden,” said Beverly Lusk, the school principal. “Great recognition for him and the school.”

The recognition didn’t stop with winning the contest. Turns out a copy of his essay made it all the way to Blitzer’s desk, and today he was surprised in class with a signed headshot and personal note from Wolf.

“Dear Aiden, thanks so much for the really sweet essay,” read Aiden. “I’m looking forward to meeting you. Best wishes, Wolf.”

Best of all, this eighth grader has a real passion for news and politics. So watch out Wolf, as soon as this kid can grow a beard, you might have some competition at CNN!