Tennessee Co-Workers Win $420 Million Powerball Jackpot

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DALLAS — Could you imagine what the heck you’d do if you won $420 million?!

Well, 20 lucky co-workers in Tennessee don’t have to imagine. They matched all six numbers in Saturday’s $420 million Powerball jackpot!

The group, now called the Tennessee-20, say they’ve been playing the lottery together for eight years. Well, it finally paid off BIG time.

But it seems the rich life isn’t for everyone. Turns out, about $2 billion in lottery winnings go unclaimed every year, and we Texans aren’t exempt. Just in the Lone Star State alone,  more than $76 million of prizes went unclaimed last year.

So the lesson here is if you’re going to take the time to play the lotto, at least take that same time to see if you actually won! You could be holding the ticket of your dreams.

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