Good Advice: Don’t Go to Bed Mad!

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT--We've all heard this advice: don't go to bed angry.

Sounds like one of those wise-sounding sayings that don't really mean anything.

But there might be some real wisdom in that saying. Researchers at Beijing Normal University found going asleep with the argument on your mind actually helps you *remember* all the bad stuff.

Resolving the argument *before* you sleep will help you put the disagreement behind you and help you remember the good stuff, like makeup sex.

That's just one way you can take advantage of how your brain works. What's another way?

Get religion!

"When you meditate and you really can tune in, you can be able to allow yourself to feel the spirit," Auriel Peterson said, describing her experience as she prayed while lying on an MRI scanner.

Researchers say a religious experience triggers the same parts of the brain as sex, gambling or drug use.

"Really their core pleasure enduring-circuits in the brain," study author Jeffrey Anderson of the University of Utah said of the parts of the brain that are triggered.

So maybe when you get that craving for a hit, what you really need to do is hit your knees!