FDA Approves Ecstasy Trial for PTSD Patients

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DALLAS — Post-traumatic stress can hit anyone who’s gone through hard times. When it comes to treating it, there’s never an easy fix.

“People have looked for shortcuts for years with PTSD. There’s got to be a shortcut, some place. There’s got to be a fast-food drive-thru that you can do this,” Dr. Gary Malone said.

Well, the FDA has approved large-scale trial that might help people who suffer with post-traumatic stress, and it may come from ecstasy.

The popular party drug is reportedly helping people suffering with symptoms of post-traumatic stress, such as anxiety, mistrust, and other self-destructive behavior.

“People with PTSD isolate themselves, they numb themselves. MDMA may be able to kind of loosen that up,” Psychiatrist Dr. Bryon Adinoff said.

But, a recent government study says that 1 in 5 vets who suffer from PTS already deal with some kind of substance abuse. So, is adding another addictive drug to the mix a good idea?

While this could be the final phase of the trail, the treatment will sure have its fair share of critics. But those who use “X” for recreational purposes give it rave reviews.