Bye Felipe: Site Calls Out Crybaby Men Who Can’t Take Rejection

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By now, you've heard this phrase over and over...


And over... again.


Well, Felipe can get to stepping, too.

An Instagram account called "Bye Felipe" is calling out all the crybaby dudes who get rejected by women, then throw a fit or get hostile.


We're talking about everything from vulgar texts...

Creeper alert 🚨#byefelipe

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To those gross unsolicited nudes.


We admit, most of the pics are giggle worthy...


But the reasoning behind the website is no laughing matter. The creator says it's just one way to fight back against online sexual harassment.

The numbers are ridiculous. According to Pew Research Center, out of the 91 million people using dating apps...

  • 42% of women say they've been harassed
  • 26% even say they've been stalked.

Come on dudes, get a life. And you wonder why you're single. Whether online or offline, no means freakin' no!