‘Disturbing’ Video Mentioned at Greg Hardy’s Cocaine Hearing

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DALLAS -- His former team might be on a winning streak, but ex-Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy is losing these days.

In fact, he appeared in court Wednesday morning for a cocaine possession charge.

Back in September, Richardson PD pulled Hardy over for a traffic violation. When cops searched his car, they found marijuana and coke residue in his wallet.  Hardy claims the drugs were unknowingly slipped in there during a party.

But now, the athlete's attorney says there's never before seen footage of the arrest.

"I find it very disturbing," Hardy's lawyer told NewsFix.

He's alleging that things would've played out much differently if it was somebody else behind the wheel and not Hardy.

"I can't help but think that if had been me who had been stopped for not signaling a turn for 20 minutes before they started searching my car," he continued. "If it would have been me, it would have played out differently."

Hardy is expected back in court on December 19.