The Flash S03 E07: Savitar Showdown, Caitlyn Goes Killer Frost And Dr. Alchemy’s Identity

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Wow this was a killer episode. Wally gets his speed powers. Vibe teleports via dimensional rift. Which brings me to this week’s flashpoints

You and Me and CG makes Three

We pick up right where last episode left off with Flash at the mercy of Savitar, the god of speed, as Savitar brutally zips Flash around the city like a rag doll.

This CG Savitar is awesome! Although briefly we get the team-up we’ve always wanted as Cisco dimensional teleports himself and Caitlyn to the aid of Flash.

It’s Caitlyn’s ice powers that reveal Savitar to the normal human eye and send him fleeing for the rest of the episode

Killer Climate

The use of her powers doesn’t go without a price, as Caitlyn becomes unhinged and loses herself to her Killer Frost persona.

This is where it’s gets insane!

Caitlyn lies her way into a police interrogation room, takes Julian Albert hostage, confronts another acolyte of Dr. Alchemy and then a battle with Cisco and Flash ending with a Killer Cold Kiss that Killer Frost is known for in the comics.

This is some of the best use of super-powers this season!

Philosophers Stone Cold Called it

I’ve been speculating all season about the identity of Dr. Alchemy with you and I wasn’t wrong.

A final confrontation between Barry and Caitlyn convinces Caitlyn to reign in her Killer Frost persona.

But Barry is left with one final problem because having been kidnapped by Caitlyn, Julian can turn Caitlyn over to the police.

Barry begs Julian not to turn her over and in return Barry quits the CCPD, because Julian thinks Barry’s morally unfit to seek justice.

Our episode concludes though with Savitar reappearing to convince Julian to pick up the philosopher’s stone once more to become Dr Alchemy – da-da-duh. Called it!

Oh and Wally gets his speeds powers! Where you surprised? … Yep. Totally surprised. Didn’t see that coming…

This next episode though… Alien Invasion. Aliens attack central city! And Flash enlists the help of Green Arrow, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow. This is going to have all of your favorite DC Comics/CW heroes crossing over into all four shows.

Alright Flash fans! Let’s Do this. Get ready for Invasion!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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