Supergirl S02 E07: Barrage Shows Up, Kara Unleashes A Solar Flare And We Prepare For The Big CW Crossover!

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics.

This episode Darkest Places had it all fans! Mon El Captive! Supergirl captive! Jimmy the Guardian framed for Murder! The return of Jeremiah Danvers, the return of the real Hank Henshaw! Cyborg Superman! Miss Martian revealed as a White Martian! Queen of Camdus revealed as Lillian Luthor!

Plus this revelation!

Hmmm… Nerdy.

Does whatever his best bro asks of him except sports. What do you think? … I think he’s in the closet about reading comics. Come out of the comics closet Winn!

Our freak of the week is Phillip Karnowsky. While not named in the episode, he goes by the name of Barrage in the comics.

For our Supergirl TV universe, his killing spree against criminals causes the police and the public to think the Guardian is responsible, but Winn and Jimmy are able to clear the Guardian’s name for the killings by tracking down Barrage and taking him head on.

M’Gann reveals her White Martian identity after J’onn’s strange hallucinations from her blood transfusions nearly get deadly.

M’Gann and J’onn peace but not before coming to blows first.

But the biggest surprises this episode happen at Cadmus!

With Mon-El captive, Supergirl breaks into Cadmus and gets knocked around by Hank Henshaw?! What’s this?

The original Hank Henshaw is back and this time he’s Cyborg Superman!

In the comics Cyborg Superman’s original identity was in fact Hank Henshaw. But to throw us off, our Supergirl TV Martian Manhunter J’onn assumed the identity Hank Henshaw, which never happened in the comics so I wasn’t expecting this version of Cyborg Superman.

Well played Supergirl producers, well played.

And with two super-powered Hanks now running around, it’s about to get messy.

Just to confuse you, another Cyborg Superman is right now in the pages of Supergirl. This time he’s Kara’s Kryptonian dad Zor-El.

Plus Supergirl comes face-to-face the queen of Cadmus, Lillian Luthor!

And Kara recognizes her as Lena Luthor’s mom! But Kara maybe reveals too much information when telling Lillian she recognizes her from Lena’s office! Prompting Lillian to ask Kara why she was around her daughter?

Oh Solar Flare!

Lillian gets Supergirl to do a solar flare to deplete her powers so Lillian can draw blood. This is a brand new power of Superman’s in the comic where he unleashes a massive solar flare depleting all the solar powered energy from his cells leaving him temporarily powerless while they recharge.

And finally Mon-El and Supergirl get escape help from Cadmus by none other than Jeremiah Danvers! With Kara still depowered, Jeremiah stays behind to cover their escape.

In our next episode, more Cadmus as Lillian releases a virus deadly to aliens and Kara enlists the help of her daughter Lena. It’s also the start of massive four show cross-over with guest stars Flash and Cisco!

Get ready for Invasion in the next Supergirl Medusa!