Hit & Run Lands Cyclist In Hospital, Arlington Police Looking For Driver

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ARLINGTON -- For Charlie Mitchell, Black Friday turned out to be a dark one. The 23-year-old ended her night in the hospital after she was hit by a car in Arlington. NewsFix talked to Mitchell's fiancee to get the details on what Arlington cops are calling a hit and run.

"She had just gotten off work. She was headed on her way home on her bicycle," explained Morgan Evans, Charlie's fiance .  "A drunk driver came and they were going up and off the curb messing around and they actually ended up hitting her."

Witnesses on the scene claim the suspect drove off not just once but twice!

"They said they came back to double-check, I guess, to see if they hit an animal or what," Evans added. "I guess once they noticed they hit a person, she was just laying there and they saw how mangled she was and took off."

A lot of people thought she was dead but Mitchell miraculously survived. She's in the hospital with two broken ankles, a fractured pelvis, and internal bleeding. The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with Mitchell's hospital bills.

Cops say they're reviewing surveillance video and any other clues that could lead to an arrest. But Mitchell's family is also working around the clock.

"We also have a whole bunch of family members keep going back to that area to try and see if we can see any suspicious people, see if we can find the car, calling glass companies."