Cowboys Alone Atop the NFC; Dez Puts Josh Norman Feud Behind Him

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Dez Bryant Speaks With Reporters On Monday.

Dez Bryant Speaks With Reporters On Monday. (Tim Roberts)

FRISCO — The Cowboys woke up Monday morning looking down on the entire NFC. Thanks to a Seattle loss, the Cowboys have a full 2 game lead on the next closest team in the conference: New York.

But while they’re looking down at the standings, their main focus looking ahead to Minnesota.

“Coach pretty much puts the mentality of next game is all that we’re focused on, focused on the present,” Barry Church said. “So that’s what we’ve been doing for the most part.”

“As long as we just focus on what we’re doing, we should be okay,” Dez Bryant said. “We can’t look too far ahead, we’ve got to stay in the moment, we’ve got to stay in the right now.”

That goes double for Bryant, who is eager to put his Thanksgiving throwdown with Josh Norman behind him, even as Norman keeps talking trash.

“Why would I want to talk about last week when we’re playing Minnesota?” Bryant asked reporters.

“This thing is way bigger than me,” he continued. “I’m here to do my job and that’s what I’m going to continue to keep doing. I addressed [the feud with Norman] and that’s so far behind me right now.

Well, whether they’re looking down or looking ahead, the important thing is right now this whole team is just looking good.