Are Castro’s Secrets Going to The Grave In JFK Shooting?

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DALLAS - History shows Fidel Castro and President Kennedy weren't exactly the best of friends.

But now that the Cuban dictator is dead, you have to wonder what he knew about the president's assassination, and when he knew it.

"It`s kind of odd the CIA was trying to kill Castro back in the 1960`s, yet from that time until now he was the only world leader still alive from that point in time," said Robert Groden, who has written 14 books on the assassination.

Groden's  been studying the Kennedy assassination for 53 years. He says the killer wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald.

Groden says, 'Oswald never fired a shot, he wasn't up there.  After all these years we have been fed a line of BS.'

He says some evidence does point to Castro's connections behind the shooting. Like Oswald trying to get a Cuban passport and promoting a pro Cuban-organization.

So if it wasn't Castro, and It wasn't Oswald, who does Groden think killed JFK?

"I think it's the Mob and the CIA. It`s not the only answer but its the one with the most sense. Could Fidel Castro have been involved? Sure. It's not impossible but it`s not the most likely answer."