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Delta Apologizes for Not Kicking Rowdy Trump Supporter Off Plane

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ATLANTA -- There's nothing worse than someone going off right before take off.

It could be a real scary situation. That's why travelers on a Delta flight had a "WTF" moment when a Trump supporter went on a political rant.

In the video, you can hear the guy saying "Donald Trump, baby! We got some Hillary b*****s on here?"

Nothing wrong with being our future president's biggest cheerleader, but what's up with the B word, bro?

As you can imagine,  When the video popped up online a lot of people had plenty to say about it! Some also blamed Delta airlines for not immediately kicking him off the plane.

Even celebrities such as actress Gabriel Union wondered if she should ditch Delta before her next flight.

But  Delta didn't fall silent to the backlash. They sent out an apology to the passengers and "agreed" that the disruptive passenger "should not have been allowed to continue the flight."

Well, at least they cleared the air and know that this type of behavior shouldn't fly anywhere!

Check out the full rant below:

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