Sassy Spray: Dose of Discipline for Potty Mouth Kids

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DALLAS -- The next time your kid throws a temper tantrum, back talks, or says a bad word, forget washing that potty mouth out with soap.


That's like so 1975. Instead, now introducing Sassy Spray!


It's created by Tony Romo's wife, Candice, and her BFF Hollie Siglin.

Hmm... wonder if Candice needed it when she found out hubby got benched for a rookie.


Hey, just saying!

The spray is apparently loaded with apple cider vinegar and veggies. So, it won't clean out your cutie's mouth, but when they say something ugly, a dose of Sassy will set them straight.

Disciplne and a dash of nutrition. Talk about a win-win.

Now, let's hope the other Romo's team can keep winning. Otherwise, this stuff may need to be handed out at Jerry's World!