This Modern Nativity Scene & Donald Trump Ornament Might Bring Controversial Cheer

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SAN DIEGO -- The holidays are officially here! So that means food, family, and shopping! While you're out getting some of the best deals of the season there are a few things you might want cross off the Christmas list.

For starters, the Hipster Nativity Scene may be the conversation piece of 2016. But it's apparently offending some people. Critics are calling the modern take on the traditional birth of Jesus, "pure blasphemy."

We wouldn't go that far, but a selfie snappin' Mary, man-bun wearing Joseph and three wise men bearing Amazon Prime gifts, might make your grandma mad enough to kick your bum all the way to Bethlehem.

But the creators claim they're selling at least 500 sets a day. Guess that's what's hip" these days.

Kind of like the new Trump ornament. It's made with 14 karat gold and will make your tree great again!


Well, of course, Trump haters aren't feeling the spirit on that one. That's mainly because it's going for $149!

Trump might be the richest president in history, but that doesn't mean the rest of America has to go broke for Christmas.