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Spice of Blythe: Shortcuts to a Great Thanksgiving!

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DALLAS -- It's finally here: the turkey, the football, the family. That's right, it's time for Thanksgiving!

As a chef, it's my favorite holiday, but if the thought of putting on a big family get-together stresses you out, don't worry!  I'm here to help with some pro tips.

First of all, list ALL THE THINGS.  List your guests, list your menu, list your decorations. Dividing and conquering starts with knowing your enemy, and lists are the way to do it.

The next step?  Delegate! You ain't gotta do all the work. The least your guests can do is chip in one item off one of your lists, and get you one step closer to an effortless Turkey Day.

Once you know what to do, and who's doing what, all that's left is the "when!"  Make your timeline, start as early as you can.  Peel potatoes and chop vegetables early in the week.  Mix drinks, thaw your turkey, and leave as little as you can for the day of.

And when the day arrives, make your slow cooker your best friend.  You've gotta get a lot of dishes ready at the same time, so use all the tools your kitchen has to offer!

The Spice of Blythe is this: take the stress out of the holiday, and remember that when family and friends are around, the food automatically tastes way better.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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