Mom Sues Transgender Child Over Transition Without Consent

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MINNESOTA -- When mom tells you to do something, you do it! Or be prepared for your punishment.

Well, in Minnesota, one mom is really laying down the law. She's suing her own child for transitioning from male to female without her permission.

Anmarie Calgaro says wait a minute, don't jump to conclusions. The fact that her 17-year-old is transgender is not the issue.

"I love him unconditionally and I mean that, unconditionally,” Calgaro said. "I care so deeply for my son. I want to be involved in this process."

She's pissed off because no one told her and says she doesn't want there to be any regrets.

Along with suing her teen, this mad mom's also taking on the school district and the St. Louis County Health Department.

“They are financing and prescribing dangerous hormonal drugs and prescription narcotics to a minor without his mother's knowledge, involvement or consent," said Michele Lentz from the Minnesota Child Protection League.

"Nobody even at 20 years old would go back and make the same decisions as they would at 16, I mean I can't imagine any of you in this room, would go back and go, 'yeah I was proud of that moment in my life,’” Calgaro said.

This is one mom that's clearly ready for a fight!

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