Cowboys Cheerleaders Smokin’ Hot Swimsuit Calendar

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GRAPEVINE -- We may be entering the colder months on the calendar, but the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are doing everything they can to keep it hot!

Check out the new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2017 Swimsuit Calendar.

"We are celebrating five formats of calendars that are published now. We photographed them in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico," saod Kelli Finglass, Director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

It’s an exciting moment for the women who cheer on the boys in blue and silver.

Three-year veteran Melissa is still in awe of the opportunity, "It's almost surreal because it doesn't really look like you and you're like 'I remember being there and I remember doing this but is that me?'”

Danielle, who’s enjoying her fifth season on the cheering squad, never takes the moment for granted.

"Being in the calendar and being a part of it is history," Danielle told NewsFix. "It's always there and it's a piece of a year that's special and unique to its own.. Everything else we get to do is obviously amazing but to be a part of the calendars, whether it be the swimsuit, game day or whatever it is, it's super special."

Get your calendars now!