TravelFix: Drew Sets Travel World Record!

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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - Remember that time Drew set his sights on getting into the record books? Well, he saw and conquered by setting the world record for visiting the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in one day.

Drew joined us to break down just how he got it done!

"We started at 5am and then we took trains to all these little villages in Germany and we'd check out the site and then we'd get a picture with the sign...”

But the attempt didn't come without some close calls.

"The biggest scare was at the airport we had to fly from Berlin to Amsterdam," explains Drew. “We arrived about an hour early at the airport which normally is okay... but the budget airline we were flying called EasyJet, they have a policy where you have to be at the gate 40 minutes in advance otherwise they shut it at the second."

"We were stuck in the security line 45 minutes before the flight. I was kind of freaking out because if we missed the flight then the whole record attempt would be screwed because everything had to go to plan. It was probably 50 people in line ahead of us, and we had to run to the security guard...he was like alright just go.”

Drew says they made the deadline just in the nick of time, “…we got to the gate with like 42 minutes before the flight so we were good."

After that, there was no stopping him from setting the world record, "We finished in the canals of Amsterdam which is the final site. We finished at 1:02[am], exactly 20 hours and two minutes.”

But setting the record wasn't the only thing Drew had to celebrate at the end.

"What's pretty cool is I'm a huge Cubs fan, like die-hard Cubs fan, and it was the second inning of Game 7 when we finished so I went straight to a bar in Amsterdam and made them put on the game and we just started drinking beers watching it and obviously we won Game 7...It was probably the best 27 hours of my life.”

If you want to check out more of Drew’s adventures and tips you can visit or find out where he is right now by adding him on Snapchat.

Happy traveling!

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