North Texas Man Helping Others After Losing Leg

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DALLAS -- Shaun Romo is hard at work doing something he’s passionate about: Helping others overcome life's obstacles. And he's good at it because he’s gone through a lot.

It all started on a rainy day in 2015 when he was on his way back from a call. His truck fishtailed and ended up in a ditch; soon the truck caught fire.

“I’m sitting there on the ground and I can hear the fire behind me and I'm just pulling and pulling and I'm not moving.”

Shaun tried to escape from the truck but his leg got caught. Soon other drivers jumped in to get him free.

“I knew that truck was going to explode. And so I started to scream at them, leave me! It's going to explode -- tell my wife I love her!”

The other drivers would not give up. Shaun was able to get free, but he had already suffered serious burns and was  rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital.

“We saw immediately his injuries were very severe. He was burned over almost 40% of his body,” Parkland Burn Program manager Stephanie Campbell.

Shaun eventually had to have his leg amputated.

“I had to come to terms with myself that I wasn’t going to let this keep me down,” said Shaun.

"Something we learned about burn patients from so many years of treating them is that the journey doesn’t  stop when they`re discharged from the hospital,” said Campbell

After months of recovery, Shaun has dedicated his life to help those in need.

“To the people who are watching this who are maybe going through struggles that may not be a burn or an amputation that no matter what your life still matters.”

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