Johnny Manziel may be off the Hook in Domestic Violence Case

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DALLAS-- Lately it seems like Johnny Manziel has managed to slow down a bit. He's gone back to college, cleaned up his act a bit, and crashed a couple of weddings over the summer.

But if Jonathan  "Football" is deciding to move in a more positive direction, there's still a couple of issues to clean up. Like that domestic violence case.

Thursday morning, the infamous Aggie who's 15 minutes of fame may be up, spent about "15 minutes" in a Dallas courtroom. Turns out, his  lawyers have reached a plea deal with prosecutors that would dismiss the case.

We don't know if that means Johnny will pay a fine or serve some time. The max for the misdemeanor is $4,000 and 12 months.

Back in January, Manziel's ex, Colleen Crowley claimed he got out of hand during a spat at the hotel. These two teams, the prosecution, and defense will go back to court December 1st to perhaps finalize the plea deal.

One deal, we're sure Manziel will have to sign. And the way his football career is going - it could be the only "deal" he signs for a looooong time.

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