TSA Expects 100 Million Flyers This Holiday Season

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Dallas-- Everybody loves the holidays, but we hate holiday traveling. And why wouldn't we?  We're gonna be crammed into the nation's airports with 100 million other people.

“TSA anticipates here at DFW to screen over 62,000 people per day and 31,000 checked bags each day,” Federal Security Director, Michael Donnelly said Wednesday.

And with all of that baggage, TSA comes across tons of things that just don't fly. And we're not just talking about shampoo.

“On this table here we have about a week's worth of the prohibited items we get at DFW. It's a lot.” TSA officer Crystal Cherry said.

Some of the items TSA showed off included: power tools, fake guns, knives, and even a bowling pen. Think that snow globe's good to go? Think again.

The TSA website has the 'Can I bring that?' section. It offers travelers an opportunity to go in and plug an item into the website and see if it's a permitted item.” Donnelly said.

Of course, a good rule of thumb is, when in doubt, just leave that replica hand grenade at home. Otherwise, the long lines might not be the only thing you regret.

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