Richard Branson Reveals Plans for Supersonic Passenger Planes

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LONG BEACH, CA - If there's one thing we've learned about Richard Branson, it's that he can't go too long without making a headline. Last month, it was the groundbreaking of a new Virgin Hotel in Dallas. Now, Branson is focused on making sure that your flight to get to that hotel is as fast as possible.

On Tuesday, the entrepreneur revealed a prototype for a passenger aircraft that travels at supersonic speed. It would be the first since the Concorde retired in 2003. The project is in conjunction with Denver-based startup boom which specializes in supersonic planes.

So just how fast are these things? A trip from New York to London would only take three-and-a-half hours, but what you save in time you splurge in cash: the trip would cost you $5,000!

Let's hope the project starts off better than Virgin Galactic's personal spaceship venture two years ago which resulted in a deadly crash.

If you're looking to hop in one of these bad boys anytime soon, cool your jets, the first commercial departures aren`t scheduled to take off until 2023. Look at the bright side: at least you have plenty of time to start saving up that $5,000.

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