That’s Law! Tampons, ‘Palcohol’, Daylight Savings Laws Up For Debate in 2017

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AUSTIN -- We've picked our next president of the United States but  Texas still has a few other things to sort out.

Like powdered alcohol and tampons. Lawmakers will soon decide if they'll pass a bill to do away with sales tax on tampons. This will also include other personal products like panty liners, sanitary napkins and such. We're pretty sure a lot of ladies hope lawmakers will grab this bill by the (ahem) horns!

Moving on to the powdered alcohol AKA 'palcohol' we mentioned. Might sound like a great idea, but some republicans are worried people will abuse the mixing substance by snorting, eating it-- basically everything but drinking it.

And if the whole daylight saving time change left you in the dark, you might soon see the light. The bill to do away with that has popped back up!

Next on the list is the never ending hot topic: Abortion. You know it's gotta be important when a woman ditches her heels for sneakers to debate about it. This time, one state rep has filed "House Bill 87". He's hoping to gets rid of the ability for a woman to have an abortion if "the fetus has a severe and irreversible abnormality."

Don't get too worked up about these proposed laws. The fate of these and hundreds of others will be determined in the new year. So, until then just relax and enjoy the holidays!

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