Team Arrow Faces Off With Prometheus And Gets Ready To Encounter The Vigilante, AKA Ski Goggles!

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics.

With Tobias church out of the way… dead.

He’s dead.

Like really dead.

Our team Arrow goes head to head with new villain Prometheus, but not before he kills bunch a people and causes a panic at a city festival.

Pro-tip: If a masked vigilante with a bow and arrow, in this case Prometheus, is causing a festival crowd to panic, shoot off their guns and destroy property, maybe it’s not best idea to send seven more mask vigilantes into crowd to restore calm… just saying

As the episode unfolds Curtis and Felicity figure out that Prometheus victims are not in fact random, but who’s names are anagrams of people on Oliver Queen’s former kill list.

Using the list they come up with potential victims to guard, leading to a battle with Artemis, Arrow and Prometheus… and Parashoot arrow!!!

I’m a superfan of any time the comics or the show Green Arrow uses trick arrows like… the boxing glove arrow. Kapow!

Oh remember last week when I suggested Prometheus might be someone we know?

With the knowledge that Prometheus is using list created by Robert Queen and used by Oliver as a kill list, why didn’t any of team arrow question who has or had access to this list?

Maybe Team Arrow should be watching this show.

Also, our end of episode reveal shows Quentin Lance waking up from one of his drunken blackouts with injuries identical to Prometheus, plus one of Prometheus’ throwing stars. I’m calling fake out.

While I may feel indestructible, after a couple of beers I’m terrible at darts. My advice? Don’t drink and vigilante, kids.

Speaking of Vigilantes, up next for Arrow is a classic DC Vigilante, the Vigilante… that’s his name. Or as Felicity called in at the start of the season... “Ski Goggles”

Can Team Arrow keep up with the new game in town? We’ll find out in the next Arrow… “Ski Goggles!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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