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Dallas Church Welcomes LGBT Members, Loses Baptist Association Ties

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DALLAS -- For a lot of folks being apart of a church is a saving grace. And now those at Wilshire Baptist Church are allowing a different community to be welcomed with open arms.

“The message we want to give to everyone inside and outside the church is that we want to be a church that includes many people as possible. We are about including not excluding," Associate Pastor Mark Wingfield  said.

Monday the church on Abrams road in Dallas voted with a whopping 61 percent to allow LGBT parishioners rights to full membership to the church.

“They can be considered equality with other people for leadership roles in the church for their children to be dedicated here and ultimately to be married here,” Wingfield said.

Pastor Wingfield says some members left the church because of the vote, but  the church's inclusion of LGBT members was also met with the exclusion from the Texas Baptist Association.

“The people who lose are the people who benefit from the shared ministries and mission we have together.”

While pastor Wingfield says despite  The Church no longer being a part of the Texas Baptist Association, they’ll still be the same church they've always been.

“We want to welcome people who have diverse views and diverse opinions  because we’re made richer by that diversity as people come together here.”

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