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Gentle Mind: Glen Campbell’s Wife Offers Hope to Other Caregivers

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DALLAS -- Millions will always remember his music, but today an 80-year-old Glen Campbell doesn't even remember his own legacy. In 2011, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and his wife, Kim Campbell, took on the role as his caregiver. In an exclusive interview, she told NewsFix the journey has been the most challenging part of her marriage.

"You can't reason with someone who has dementia," she explained. "It was just kind of disaster. He gave me a black eye and, you know, I couldn't manage it by myself."

So Kim made the difficult decision to put her husband of 34 years in an Alzheimer's care facility. Although she feels it was the best decision,  she still struggles emotionally.

"I fight depression all the time and that was the inspiration for starting my blog," she said. "I got to pull myself out of this; I have to keep living my life."

Kim's blog has not only reached Glen's fan base, but it has also provided a resource to other caregivers looking for the same answers she has often found herself looking for.

"I'm really trying to reach them on a more human and emotional, personal, spiritual level. My most popular article is one I did on our anniversary," she said.

Kim is also reaching out offline. She's using her free time to speak at several senior living communities throughout the country, including in Dallas. Monday night, she stopped at Presbyterian Village North in recognition of National Family Caregivers Month.

There are seven stages of Alzheimer's and Kim says Glen is in late stage six. "He's lost his ability to communicate verbally; he doesn't understand anything anyone says to him."

Glen's brain is dying, but Kim says his music will always live in both of their hearts. "It's like Glen's song  I'm Not Gonna to Miss You -- I keep quoting that -- but he says "I'm still here but yet I'm gone."

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