Faithless Electors: The Group of People that Probably Won’t Change the Results of the Election

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DALLAS -- You might have heard some people saying that there is still a chance Hillary Clinton could be elected president. But how would that work?

While the November 8th election has already come and gone, the Electoral College has yet to cast their vote. That vote won't happen until December 19th.

Now, many people are counting on "faithless electors," but who are those people?

"They're called faithless because they're breaking a pledge to vote for whoever wins that state," said attorney Byron Henry. Henry told NewsFix a lot of madness would have to ensue to turn around the results. "Unless you had enough electors vote not only not for their candidate that they pledged, but for the opposing candidate, it would be very difficult to upset the ballots of an election "

Many people often wonder how a candidate can win the popular vote, but not the election. "Each state gets their two senators thrown in, and that's how we elect our president. We elect our president state by state, as opposed to the popular vote, and that's to protect the small states from the large states," said Henry.

Many people are not happy with the Electoral College right now, including California Senator Barbara Boxer. The retiring democrat filed a bill to get rid of the college. The bill likely will not go into law since republicans have control of congress.

President-elect Trump tweeted out that he's on board with the college, but that wasn't the case four years ago with another group of tweets.

We'll just have to wait to wait and see whether any faithless electors have a change of heart next month.

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