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Supergirl: Jimmy Olsen’s Vigilante, Alex Danver’s Coming Out, And Supergirl Faces Off With A Parasite

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics.

A big Cadmus reveal, Jimmy Olsen vigilante, Mon-El steals the show and Alex Danvers comes out-ish, not really, maybe?

Most of the episode is spent with Supergirl and crew fighting a criminal gang intent on robbing banks, wealthy socialites; you know the usual super-hero comic book villainy.

This crew, however, is armed with alien tech and weapons provided by the evil queen of Cadmus.

This not only poses difficulty for Supergirl battling them, but strokes the fear of aliens to the National City populace which has been a theme running throughout the season.

Which brings me to the two big takeaways from this episode

First - what’s this? In our end of episode reveal our evil queen of Cadmus is… a Luthor?!

Lillian Luthor to be specific! Mother to Lex and Lena.

There’s not much about Lillian in the comics, but this is a crazy way to tie Camdus back to the long standing Superman/Supergirl vs Luthor history in the comics.

And what does this mean for Lena Luthor? Does she know? I’ve been saying never trust a Luthor… I just didn’t say which one.

Second - after continually being the non-powered sidekick to Superman and Supergirl, Jimmy Olsen conspires with Winn take up vigilantism himself.

If you didn’t catch it in the episode, this scene where Jimmy picks up the shield is your biggest clue to his comic super-hero identity!

It’s the Guardian!

The first alter ego for the guardian was a metropolis police officer named Jim Harper - (later revealed to the grandfather of Green Arrow’s Roy Harper).

He was accompanied on the streets by a group of young kids named the Newsboy Legion. Not coincidentally it was in the comic Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen that the newsboy legion is revealed to be eventual founders of the DNA Project, also known as project Cadmus.

Will this play itself out in Supergirl too?

Outside of super-heroics like this burst of super speed from Supergirl and this crazy heat vision hair cut, this best scenes in this episodes are with Mon-El... I mean Mike Matthews… He hilariously steals the show as a new intern at Catco. I was sad to see him quit Catco by the end of the episode.

I could watch Mike Matthews-alien-office intern all day.

And finally Alex Danvers’s new crush on Maggie Sawyer almost gets her to come out to both Kara and Maggie.

But the character’s trepidation in saying “I’m gay" left us hanging and Maggie unwilling to help Alex with this big step.

But it’s Winn’s Super-crush on Superman and his bromance with Mon-El that have me wondering if another character might have been a better choice.

Next episode we’re getting Jimmy Olsen's Guardian and possibly a classic Superman villain as giant alien parasite gains strength by feeding off hosts like our Supergirl…

Did I say Parasite?

We’ll find out in the newest Supergirl “Changing”

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