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Neighbors Have A Beef With BBQ Joint

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THE COLONY - Hard Eight BBQ’s been rolling the bones in The Colony for about a year now. Neighbors nearby know the joint's a hit but they have a bone to pick about the smoke.

“It’s like you can barely even see. It’s just like clouds of smoke are coming through," homeowner Paula Weithman said.

Hard Eight is about a half-mile down the road from Weithman’s house. She says she lived here long before the BBQ joint showed up, but now she can’t stand the stank.

“In the evening, it’s like you don’t go out there. My cat comes in smelling like smoke. We just all smell like smoke," Weithman said.

One neighbor is starting a petition in The Colony for the city to do something about the smoke. But the city doesn’t have any beef with the BBQ place because they say they aren’t breaking any laws with the stacks of smoke. Weithman says she’s contacted TCEQ in Austin but they say it's up to The Colony to regulate air quality.

The assistant manager of Hard Eight didn’t want to go on camera, but he says everything is great:  business is great, the air is great and the city is great.

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