The Flash: A Darker Caitlyn, Hologram Monsters And Get Ready for Flashpoint Wally West!

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Julian Albert and Barry make nice. HR reveals his secret. And our episode’s monster is a hologram

Which bring me to this week’s Flashpoints

Killer, killer frost

With her growing ice powers, we get a sense of the darker side Caitlyn’s psyche.

Her loss extends beyond the death of Ronnie Raymond, but a cold relationship with mother after the loss of her father as well.

We find out in the lab that Caitlyn is taking heat versus straight generating ice. This was integral to her comic origin as a villain to Firestorm as he provided a heat source, a heat source that could cure her from crippling cold.

Is a villainous Caitlyn to come? Is there a heat source that can cure her?


After we find out that HR / Harrison Wells is the idea man on his Earth and not a true scientist, our Flash crew puts him on notice.

He’s desperate to stay and alluded to things not going so well on his Earth. So what will HR do to stay on Earth one? I’m still not convinced this all won’t go Horribly Wrong.

The Kids are not alright

Once our monster is revealed as a hologram, we discover that a teenager is behind the attack.

In a heart to heart with Joe, he reveals he’s picked on by the other kids leading him to creating the monster to feel powerful.

This theme is similar to orphaned Frankie aka Magenta who creates her alternate persona to seek power over her abusive foster dad.

With our next episode focusing on Wally and his nightmares, remember his Flashpoint life as Kid-Flash, we are seeing troubled youth as a recurring theme.

So buckle in fans, the secret life of Flashpoint Wally West is about to be revealed and our West family will never be the same.  And will Dr. Alchemy be involved? Get ready for the next Flash episode “Shade!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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