Poo Wars: DFW’s Poo-Pourri Battles to be #1 of #2

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ADDISON -- The fast food burger wars, the soft drink wars, and now --  there are the poo wars!

There's not too many things worse than when a bathroom war gets messy, but that's what's happening between bathroom hygiene companies Poo-Pourri and Squatty Potty.

The pissing contest began with Squatty Potty's ad, which features a unicorn and a nice smelling rainbow. Just hours later. Poo-Pourri unveiled an ad of their own on Facebook.

The VP of Marketing of Poo-Pourri says the timing was completely coincidental, as the plan was always to release the commercial after this year's election cycle.

Perfect timing for those feeling crappy about the results.

But all the good fun also has a purpose. Addison-based Poo-Pourri plans to release a new video on November 19th, which is World Toilet Day. 100% of the money gained from sales that day will go to helping build toilets in poor countries.

So now that the poo slinging has begun, best of luck to each company in becoming #1 when it comes to #2.

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