Mutt’s Canine Cantina Helps Raise Support for Our Heroes’ Dogs

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DALLAS -- You've probably seen videos online of folks coming home from serving our country, and reuniting with their dogs. Pretty much the cutest thing ever, right?

But before that can happen, America's heroes first have to leave their furry friends behind in the first place.  And it turns out, they have to foot the bill for housing, food, and vet visits.

That's where organizations like Dogs on Deployment and Cavi on TDY come in.

This veteran's day, Cavi on TDY teamed up with Mutt's Canine Cantina to help raise money for Dogs on Deployment.

"This particular charity helps provide foster homes for dogs where their owners are deployed," said Donna Brittingham, the founder of Cavi on TDY. "So when you foster a dog, the food is paid for, the medical is paid for, all you have to do is give them a home."

"Mutts is always excited to partner with anything 'dog'," said Wade Holden, Director of Operations for Mutt's.  "We've got a great menu here today - basically 90% of that is going back to Cavi.  In your community, if you can do something to help a dog you should always do it."

Of course, the need is there year-round, so there are other ways you can help when it's not Veteran's Day.

"There's a variety of ways people can help," said Brittingham.  "The first is volunteering your time and providing a foster home.  The second thing you can do is donate dog food.  The third, and most important, is donating money.  All the money goes to helping military members in transition and on deployment."

Hey, if you ask us, anything that goes toward making more of those adorable reunion videos is money well-spent.

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