Mark Cuban for President!

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DALLAS -- In the early hours of Wednesday morning, for some, the unthinkable happened. Reality television collided with reality and Donald Trump became America’s President-Elect.

Yea, it may be done for the next four years, but if reality star and billionaire Donald Trump was able to clinch the presidency, does that make room for other reality television stars to run in the future?

Like for example, Mark Cuban?

Despite Cuban voicing negative opinions towards Trump many times, he may have a little more in common with the Trump than he thinks.

Both are boisterous billionaires. They’ve both have had success on reality television. Trump with The Apprentice and Cuban with Shark Tank. And neither of them are strangers to controversy! They’ve been known to have the occasional twitter war from time to time.

But the most striking similarity Cuban has to Trump? Wanting to run for president!

In an interview with NBC's Meet the Press, Cuban said there’s more of a shot now since you don't have to be the squeaky clean candidate like you did back in the day.

We reached out to Cuban Friday to see if he could be more specific, but we haven't heard back.

For now though, looks like Cuban’s going to have to wait at least four more years before switching up his famous t-shirt's for a three piece suit.

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