Tom Selleck: Why He Voted Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown For President

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Actor Tom Selleck cast his vote for former Dallas Police Chief David Brown for President of the United States.

Selleck shared his decision Thursday on The View.

In the video, Whoopi Goldberg brings up the elections and asks Selleck, “How you doin’? You glad it’s over?”

Selleck wastes no time answering. “I’m cool,” he says, explaining that he decided a long time ago he had a professional responsibility he had to uphold as far as representing media he worked with, his show Blue Bloods, and his charities — and he sees no reason to piss off half the country.

But who can be upset with his POTUS decision (other than the candidates who didn’t get his vote)?

“It was easy this election, because I didn’t really support either candidate. I had some problems, so I wrote in my own candidate,” Selleck tells the audience.

“You wrote my name in; I love you for that!” Goldberg says, laughing.

“I didn’t know you were available,” Selleck banters back.

And then he gets serious. “I wrote in Dallas Police Chief David Brown,” Selleck says, and is immediately given cheers from the crowd. “That man showed such grace and leadership; I was just deeply touched by him,” Selleck says.

No arguments from the hosts or audience on that one.

“He didn’t win, though,” Selleck reminds us.

We know. But we still expect great things from our former chief!