Beats by Her: Bringing Women Together Through the Power of Music

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DALLAS -- Harmonizing melodies filled Level Gallery as eight different women came together for one common goal, the power of music.

Beats by Her, an event brought to life by The City Influencer, captures local female aspiring artists bursting through the door.

"Dallas sometimes goes under the radar and I think that us coming together as a powerhouse of girls who all have a voice and an opinion about so many issues and so many things including music. It’s awesome that we have this platform to be heard,” says singer and songwriter, SeySei.

Singer and songwriter Devin Papillion said, “I really think Dallas is this goldmine.  Where there are so many hidden talents that are kind of in the nooks and crannies. You really have to kind of dig to find it."

In the local DFW music scene, which is often dominated by men, it can be hard to hear the female voice through the many stereotypes and negativity associated with it.

DJ Christy Ray said, “A lot of the stereotypes about women are that, you know, we're catty and we're often times pit against each other and I think having events like this where we are unified and there are so many different sounds and unique personalities coming together and just working together. Is just a positive thing to have."

"You just try to avoid that, music is music and the way we make it and get together and just love what we do is what makes good music,” says recording artist Macie.

With all stereotypes pushed aside, it’s time to make women empowerment a trend.

Singer, songwriter and musician Rei Altru said, “I feel like Beats by Her is doing an awesome job just by the variety of beautiful girls, talented girls that we have in this show and we're finally bridging that gap.  It’s a beautiful thing to just uplift each other. "

All different backgrounds will be represented with each of the women.  Some well versed and some just starting.

"It's been an interesting journey for me and I think I was fearful because you have to just dive in and have that confidence in yourself. I finally did it and took that step and I realized I may have something here,” says singer and songwriter Tyler Marco.

With the scene set at the House of Blues,  Foundation Room on November 17th, these ladies are ready to show you exactly what they can do.

Singer, songwriter and producer Sudie says, "It’s kind of like I have to work five times harder to show that I can do, what I can do. I think it’s really important to show young women that they have to do that and that’s the kind of world we're in, but that we're strong enough that we can do that and that's not a problem."