This is the Only Guy Who Does NOT Want Election 2016 to End

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DALLAS -- Down in Oak Cliff, there's another political race going on. Trump versus Clinton in piñata sales.

This isn’t a Mickey Mouse operation. Carlos De La Fuente of ABC Party Headquarters has been selling political pinatas for the past year.

And the votes are in.

“We’ve sold more Donald Trump piñatas in one year, of that one single character, than all characters put together," said De La Fuente.

The numbers aren’t even close in this election. In the piñata business, it’s a Trump landslide. De La Fuente explains, “Around 500 units maybe of Donald, compared to 10 Hilarys.”

10 Hilarys? That's its?!

“Some people, I've asked them and they’re not busting them, they’re keeping them as souvenirs," said De La Fuente. "But a lot of people, they do have bad ideas as what to do with them."

So for $75, you can buy it to beat it, no matter who you like.

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