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Kayla Gomez: Tangled Web of Lies Led to Uncle’s Arrest

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SMITH COUNTY, TX — The suspect in Kayla Gomez-Orozco’s murder can’t seem to get his story straight.

Kayla’s uncle, Gustavo Zavala-Garcia, was formally arraigned Tuesday on a capital murder charge. Bond is set at $10 million.

The arrest warrant obtained by KLTV reveals Zavala-Garcia took a polygraph and answered “yes” to questions about causing the girl’s death. He later recanted.

And the contradictions don’t stop there.

A church member reported seeing Kayla leave prayer service with her uncle and his three-year-old daughter on November 1. But Zavala-Garcia told them when he left, Kayla was sitting in the lobby.

Investigators say Zavala-Garcia, who’s in the country illegally, also told them he was home when his wife received a call from Kayla’s mother about her disappearance.

But according to his wife — that’s a lie. She told cops her husband walked in after she took the call.

Cell phone records tracked Zavala-Garcia’s ride home. There’s a 17-minute time gap from the time he left church and when his wife actually laid eyes on him. Investigators believe during that time, he threw little Kayla’s body down a concrete well.

Zavala-Garcia willingly let officers search his property Friday night, and that’s when they found her body.

There’s no word just yet on a motive or how Kayla died.

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