Cops and K9 Units on Alert across DFW after Al Qaeda Threats

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DALLAS -- Overcast skies weren't the only thing keeping our protectors alert Monday at DFW Airport. Police, complete with body armor, weapons, and K9 Units, were on patrol trying to sniff out anything suspicious.


Because of a potential Al Qaeda threat targeting Texas, New York, and Virginia for Monday, the day before the election.

"I'm a little bit uneasy, but like I said, I feel a little bit better knowing that the Police are here doing a little bit more of a thorough inspection," said traveler Sasha Wells.

That seemed to be the dominant theme among travelers; trust that the Police had this one under control.

"It has my security heightened a little, so it does feel good to see all these officers around," DFW resident Clayton Conrad said. "I know they have my best interests in mind, so let's hope it doesn't come to that."

Tweet from Texas Governor Greg Abbott about the potential Al Qaeda threat.

Tweet from Texas Governor Greg Abbott about the potential Al Qaeda threat.

When we're talking terror, the airport is far from the only target.

We saw an attack at Garland's Culwell Center when a pair of ISIS militants became the first to attack American soil. Officers thwarted the attack.

In downtown Dallas, all eyes are on historic spots like the Old Red Courthouse, as well as the Frank Crowley Courts Building and the Earle Cabell Federal Building.

"I think it's something to take seriously because they're (Al Qaeda) capable of doing something like that," said Dallas area resident Betty Quicksall.

But like Governor Abbott said, it seems we're already showing our Texan resolve.

"I feel comfortable that we're taking care of things, watching and keeping everybody safe."