Election Trump Card? How about a NASCAR Trump Car?!

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FORT WORTH -- Jimmie Johnson may be the king of Texas Motor Speedway, winning five the last eight races at No Limits, Texas, but can a king outshine The Donald?

"Look, Trump's got a car out here. Does Hillary? No!" said Jimmie Johnson fan Sherri McCrary.

Indeed he does.

Just two days before the election, an anonymous sponsor made sure Trump/Pence 2016 made its way to Fort Worth on Reed Sorenson's No. 55 car for the AAA Texas 500.

"A couple days before election day it's probably the right time to do it," said local Joey Logano fan, Justin Walker. "This election year has been crazy, just like a NASCAR race, so I didn't expect anything less from them."

While those fans liked the red, white and blue 200 mph billboard, others would like their NASCAR minus politics, thank you.

M&M's or potato chips, or whatever, but not politicians," one fan said. "We can't even stand 'em on TV, we don't need 'em here. That's my opinion, folks. You're asking my opinion and I'm telling ya. I'm not gonna change. I'm not gonna say, 'Oh yes, let's get a Hillary car.'"

Okay, but everyone could agree on the Dallas Police cruiser inspired #ZAKBacksTheBlue No. 83.

"That's one of those that makes you think of everything and makes you choke up," said Martin Truex, Jr. fan Melissa Netherton.

Well, the car's getting mostly support.

"As long as you don't see the cherries and berries behind Joey (Logano), it's going to be fine," Walker said.

The real winner? Gotta be Dallas' ZAK Products. Not only are they behind the police cruiser paint scheme. Their logo's all over the Trump car too. Talk about a solid track record.