Fashion Fix: Cirque Italia

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HURST -- Welcome to Cirque Italia where they say you can take in the best water show under a tent!

A flashy, vivid kaleidoscope of colors -- and we're not just talking about the show! For every daring dangler and talented trapeze artist, a costume just as powerful as the performance is needed.

"You want to pick a costume that fits with your music and your theme, the whole big picture,” says Morgaine Rosenthal, the Cirque Italia Mermaid and Site Director.

And she's not clowning around.

"After being in the circus for a while, you see all these fancy costumes. They're beautiful and you just want to make your own,” says Morgan McKenyon, Assistant Lighting Director and Costume Designer.

Born and raised in Dallas, McKenyon has been creating costumes for herself and twin sister from the very beginning and to her, the costumes are more than just rhinestones and glitter.

"I scour the internet for many, many photos. I like to look at the synchronized swimmers in the Olympics, and I like to look at ice skating dresses and rhythmic leotards and gymnastic leotards. Then I’ll sit down and draw the designs that I like the most,” say McKenyon. “Every design is different, and I never like to kind of stick to the same thing. I always want to push farther, do more details and kind of color blending."

With the design completed, the next step is making sure the costume not only fits the act but can also withstand all of the shows elements.

"I look at the act that I’m doing, I look at the feeling of the music gives you and sort of the feeling that I want to portray to an audience," says Rosenthal. "And then, I pick a costume that fits in with that feeling,”

So the next time you go to the circus, look around the stories aren't always told on the stage!